President’s message

Dear Colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Balkan Venous Forum (BVF) unites Physicians from all states in the region, specialized in Vascular Surgery and Angiology, as well as experts in other fields who focus on the venous disease investigation and treatment.

All of us share a common target: studying the results of all available research and the tendencies in the application of innovative methods, in order to share experience and develop medical expertise in a framework that leads to the patients’ recovery and the improving of their quality of life.

Evidently, the basic beneficiaries of our organization are venous disease suffering individuals that often experience various complications. Like elsewhere in Europe and according to latest research, the rate of the venous disease patients in the Balkans is high – approximately 30% of the elderly population.

We are proud to point out that the BVF history is very successful. Starting from our establishment as a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization in Belgrade in 2009, we have provided 10 Annual Meetings attended by a constantly growing number of interested participants.

We presented views and experiences in Belgrade (2010 and 2013), Athens (2011),  Istanbul (2012) and also Ljubljana, Sofia and Timisoara. In 2019 we celebrated our 10th Anniversary in Thessaloniki, where we were joined by new members, some of them representing new countries. Examining our meetings in a scientific discourse, throughout the years one can  observe an increasing number of delegates as well as an expanding range and high-ranking quality of most presentations. Additionally, our meetings provided the ground for the emergence of reliable professional friendships.

I believe that we will continue our teamwork in the future, aiming to improve our knowledge and capacities, something that will result in reducing the morbidity level and its consequences in all our countries.

Dr. Elena Goranova – Lazarova Ph.D.

Consultant vascular surgery at Medical Institute Sofia,

Consultant vascular surgery at Medical Center Alexandrovska

President of the BVF

tel: +359 887 217 378

adresse: DKC Alexandrovska, office 8,

  1. G. Sofiisky,1

Sofia, Bulgaria