Who we are

The Balkan Venous Forum is a scientific organization, whose members are primarily physicians specialized in Vascular Surgery and Angiology, but also experts from other fields who focus on the investigation and treatment of venous disease.

The objectives of the organization are the following:

1. Τo encourage the creation and activities of national societies or associations and to encourage them to join the Balkan Venous Forum.

2. To promote venous and lymphatic health through innovative research, education, and technology.

3. To contribute to the active continuing education of its members.

4. To hold annual meetings.

5. To encourage the development and dissemination of knowledge regarding venous disease.

6. To strengthen the links between the societies or associations, either existing or to be created in South Eastern Europe and the Balkans, which have a special interest in the study and treatment of venous disorders.

7. To promote consensus on all aspects of venous disorders.

8. Τo encourage studies and research on disorders of venous origin.